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All spring sports will be considered cut sports. 

Student-athletes can only tryout for one (1) cut-sport per season.



Spring sports tryouts are cancelled for today, Monday 2/12.  See below for the updated dates and times:

7th/8th Baseball

  • Mon. 2/12 CANCELLED

  • Tues. 2/13, Wed. 2/14, Thurs. 2/15, 3:30pm @ Independence Park

  • Coach Johnson has sent emails with details and tryout groups

7th/8th Softball

  • Mon. 2/12 & Tues. 2/13 CANCELLED

  • Tues. 2/20 & Wed. 2/21, 3:30pm @ Park Road Park

  • Coach Babin has sent details via email

7th/8th Boys Tennis

  • Mon. 2/12 CANCELLED

  • Tues. 2/13 & Wed. 2/14, 3:30pm @ Jeff Adams Tennis Center

  • Coach Chovance sent out email with details

7th Girls Soccer

  • Tues. 2/13 & Wed. 2/14, 3:15pm @ Holy Trinity

  • Coach Ruesch sent out email with details

8th Girls Soccer

  • Tues. 2/13 & Thurs. 2/15, 3:15pm @ Holy Trinity

  • I sent out an email last week with details

7th/8th Boys Lacrosse

  • Tues. 2/13 & Wed. 2/14, 4:15pm @ Holy Trinity

  • Coach Strassner has sent out details via email

  • Players need can report to the cafeteria steps at 3pm to have a study hall with Coach Strassner prior to tryouts

7th/8th Girls Lacrosse

  • Tues. 2/13 & Wed. 2/14, 4:30pm @ Holy Trinity

  • Players can report to Ms. Azzarello's room for a study hall before tryouts, from 3-4pm

7th/8th Golf

  • Mon. 2/12 CANCELLED

  • Tues. 2/13, Wed. 2/14, Thurs. 2/15, 3:00pm @ Harry Jones GC

  • Coach Parks sent out details via email

7th/8th Girls Track

  • Mon. 2/12 CANCELLED

  • Thurs. 2/15, 3:15pm, meet @ HT Cafeteria steps

  • Tues. 2/20, 3:15pm, meet @ HT Cafeteria steps

7th/8th Boys Track

  • Mon. 2/12 CANCELLED

  • Tues. 2/13, 3:15pm, meet @ HT Cafeteria steps​

  • 3:15pm, meet @ HT Cafeteria steps


  • Students are not allowed to try out for two Holy Trinity sponsored cut sports in the same season.  This is to avoid having a conflict when coaches of both teams are expecting your commitment. However, a student can participate in a non-cut sport in the event that they do not make the cut of another team. It would be the coach’s decision of the non-cut sport to accept additional participants if the participation numbers remain manageable. These situations are all on a case-by-case basis. Please reach out to the respective coach as soon as possible.

  • When a student-athlete decides to participate in a sport, they are expected to fully commit to that obligation.  We understand that athletes are making dual commitments to outside organizations, however if you are playing an HT sport, our coaches expect that HT is the priority.  Failure to fully commit may result in removal from the team.

  • The tryout process can be an unsettling situation for students, parents, and coaches.   This can be the first experience of rejection while transitioning from a recreational environment to interscholastic athletics.  Tryouts are necessary to field a competitive team from a large number of participants.  Holy Trinity has an estimated 500 students participating in 27 sports programs yearly. 

  • Any questions regarding team selection shall be respectfully directed to the respective head coach.


  • 7th/8th Baseball: $160

  • 7th/8th Softball: $160

  • 7th/8th Boys Tennis: $160

  • 7th/8th Boys Lacrosse: $135

  • 7th/8th Girls Lacrosse: $135

  • 7th Girls Soccer: $135

  • 8th Girls Soccer: $135

  • 7th/8th Golf: $160

  • 7th/8th Track & Field: $135


Participation fees will be added to your athlete’s DragonFly account after cuts are made, and must be paid within one (1) week of the final roster submission.

All student-athletes must have their paperwork up-to-date in DragonFly prior to tryouts.

All student-athletes interested in spring sports must register at the link below:

At Holy Trinity, athletics are an extension of the classroom where students
build confidence, learn teamwork, and
establish friendships.

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