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The beauty of Holy Trinity lies in that we allow for discovery and exploration. We want students to begin to discover what ignites their soul and their God-given purpose. We believe the best way to discover this is through prayer and hands-on experiences.


Students with journalistic interests can delve into Bulldog TV to learn the ins and outs of broadcast media. Artistic students can create in graphic design or arts classes. Future scientists can perform experiments and learn more about their chosen field. For students who are still exploring, Holy Trinity offers class after class to help them fall in love with a field that excites them to learn more. 


We also believe that religious education and prayer are the foundation to any great life of service and success. Our academic schedule includes time for prayer, mass, service and helping others. Holy Trinity also offers learning support, guidance and counseling programs to ensure that our students succeed in all that they do. 

find a path that ignites your soul

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core & specialty classes

Theology, Math, Social Studies, Science, English, Digital Media, French, Spanish, Latin, Creative Writing, Study Skills, Public Speaking, Finance, Marketing, Business, Art, Musical Theater, Chorus, Band, Jazz Band, Creative Writing, Independent STEM, Yearbook, Math Lab, Drama

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