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November 12, 2019

The entire Mecklenburg Area Catholic School system is fully supporting 7th grader Anna Rae Haller as she makes her Broadway debut tonight as a young Elsa in “Frozen the Musical”.

Anna Haller is a 7th grader at Holy Trinity Middle School. She previously attended elementary school at St. Matthew Catholic School.


Her parents, Kurt and Angela, tell us she only started performing in the summer of 2018. Since then, she’s performed with the Matthews Playhouse, CPCC Theater and Theatre Charlotte.

Six weeks ago, Anna received a letter telling her she won the part as the young Elsa in the musical that opens tonight on Broadway. You can watch her excitement as she read the letter on Twitter @BlumenthalArts

Anna and her family squeezed into a one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan for the past couple of weeks as Anna rehearsed for this opening night performance.

Anna has a brother and sister at Charlotte Catholic High School and another older sister at UNC-Chapel Hill.

You can follow Anna on her Instagram page @annaraehallerr

Congrats to Anna and the entire Haller family!

HT Student Makes Her Debut on Broadway Tonight!

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